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Charter Hotline: +852 2613 3133

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Aircraft Management

Hongkong Jet’s Aircraft Management Programme provides aircraft owners with an all-inclusive truly turnkey business aircraft solution. We are part of a group that operates almost 500 aircraft, so our clients are able to benefit from many cost efficiencies that significantly lower the cost of ownership.

In addition to taking care of all the necessary day-to-day operational and maintenance issues involved with owning an executive jet, Hongkong Jet can also offer customers the option of placing their aircraft on the charter market as part of Hongkong Jet’s charter fleet offering on its AOC. This exclusive charter arrangement means owners can generate revenue from their aircraft to help offset a significant proportion of their ownership costs.

With a deep knowledge of operating private jets in China, throughout the region and around the globe, Hongkong Jet is your perfect partner.

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